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Rum 30 - So set your face truly to the religion being upright; the nature in which Allah has made mankind: no change (there is) in the work by Allah: that is the true Religion: but most among mankind know not.

God Almighty declares that we are all spiritually, physically and socially created in the same nature with the religion of Islam. In order to live a harmonious life Muslims have to obey the rules of Islam even when they don’t fully understand the values of its commands.

Our Creator is aware that not all Muslims will know the importance of practicing His commands. That is the reason why Allah’s (swt) commands are compulsory and they are not left to our free will. To make it more clear, this is just like us ordering our young children to brush their teeth, eat their meal or to finish their homework. In the same principal Allah (swt) is leading us to the right way.

Some of the benefits of the daily prayer, accepted by Doctors and Physiatrists are as follows:

a)         Increasing energy and liveliness
b)         More in depth peace and fulfillment
c)         Better working digestive system
d)         Clearer thinking and the ability of deep concentration
e)         Better relaxed muscles, better body positioning, relief of pains including headache
f)          Increase in one’s immune system and the relief from illnesses
g)         Deeper and fulfilling sleeping
h)         Increase in the ability to rule relations with others
i)          Increase in dealing with stress and problems
j)          Better creativity and understanding the feelings of others

Although there are all these and many other benefits of the daily prayers, Muslim’s pray only because of the reason that it’s God Almighty’s order. Lord Almighty is Al-Ghanaie = The All Rich.  This means He is far away from the need to be worshipped; infact worshipping to Allah (swt) is a necessity of every human being.

As long as we keep our prayers in Arabic, it would be best to learn the meanings of the Arabic phrases we use in our prayer. We can pray in Arabic and think of the meanings at the same time. Infact this is the only method that will stop our mind from wondering while we are praying.

By remembering the meanings of the Arabic terms in our daily prayers will start our prayer  to;

-eliminate our small sins
-increase our iman (faith)
-keep our iman (faith) fresh
-save us from doing any evil deeds
-save us from doing any shameful deeds

We advice every Muslim to memorize the meanings of the Arabic phrases used in the daily prayer in order to benefit fully from the daily prayers.

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